10 Best Ways To Define: “What is Success”

What is success?


Friend, you have to find your definition of success. Otherwise, you will compromise your life’s purpose.

Now, what is success to you? In essence, success is formed by accomplishments. In other words, one could say it is life’s purpose. Something to be sought after and obtained. In fact, success in itself is a destination, though what creates success is the journey of accomplishment.


If you’re struggling to find your definition of success, the following points may be of some help:



1 Impact

To have an impact in this world is huge. In fact, to most, it can be the defining factor of life success. Ultimately, legacy is what most strive for. Whether it is building a dynasty or just having your name remembered in history – legacy matters.

Now, legacy is the first on the list because it stems from the other listed points of success. Impact comes from multiple successes designed around a singular purpose.


2 Influence

Even though impact and influence at the surface seem alike, they actually are two separate entities. When you speak life into someone or a group, make a call to action in the social arena, or just offer a helping hand to your friend – that is influence. Now, influence can be positive or negative, so it is important to really think about what kind of influence you have on others.

Determine what actions you take to be an influence.

For example. Tony Robins has an incredible campaign to end hunger and feed millions of families on Thanksgiving, which is creating a positive influence. He does it on such a massive scale; however, it has directly linked to his life’s impact. When influence becomes your life’s impact – you can change the world.



3 Creation

Some live and define success by what they create. What is success for them? The creators become successful with every project they finish, video they produce, picture they paint, word they write, and every original thought they think.

Creations are building blocks for social platforms, infrastructure, design, and art, along with all the other object that you see today. When something new is created, success can be obtained.


4 Personal

Pushing forward toward a new goal. Reaching for the next limit. Attempting something new. Risking everything for a greater reward. That is personal success.

When success is defined by personal competition, it is easy to always push for more. For me, this is a large part of who I am. I feel great success when I can beat myself. The passion for waking up earlier, being more productive, lifting heavier weight, and for accomplishing more in my day is always eating at me. I feel there is always more I can do.

Now, to an extreme extent, this view of success can be unhealthy. Similarly, without enough personal competition, most will never reach their goals. Once a happy middle ground is established it is a great foundation for personal success.


5 Relationships

First, it is important to note that this is a highly controversial topic. There are, however, individuals who do consider their life success to be found a relationship. Note, we are not talking about relationship success, but success found in having a relationship. This foundation can be somewhat rocky, but it is an important topic to discuss.

If your life’s purpose is in your relationship, many variables can lead to a rapid decline. If you, however, are able to make this just one major part of the success formula you will be okay.


6 Fitness

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a burning passion to be the world’s best bodybuilder. He based his success off of his fitness and performance level. Some put mastering their bodies as the ultimate level of succuss.

Closely linking to personal success, fitness can drive greater competition, performance, and achievement. This is also another category of success that I am particularly in tuned with.


7 Knowledge

First and foremost, knowledge is a tool that can help you achieve success. There are, though, some instances where knowledge is success to some individuals. Obtaining knowledge, restating knowledge, and achieving then next knowledge threshold creates success in this field.

Lifelong students of learning would be a good word for this group. Every newly learned piece of information creates accomplishment for them which becomes their life’s purpose.



8 Status

“I am the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, my life’s work is finished”.

Some success is based on a position, title, or rank. Climbing the “corporate ladder” if you will. Climbing to the top can create a great sense of achievement with every milestone that is passed. Presently, it is what most people chase after and desire to reach within their lifetime.

There can be downfalls, though. When you’re chasing to the top, if you don’t make it, it can be very discouraging. Also, when at the top, there is nothing else to strive for with your life’s purpose. It takes the truly ambitious to achieve those heights, which means setting another goal is completely possible.


9 Possessions

Possessions can be one of the worst ways to base life’s success, though some do. To base, your life’s purpose on what you can obtain or buy is selfish and unproductive to the benefit of mankind.

Now, I am not saying that owning nice or expensive things is wrong, but it is critical not to base your success off of things. This leads most people to consumerism and ultimate unhappiness. Have nice things but don’t idolize them or make them your ruler.


10 Wealth

Wealth can be two things. First, it is possible to be wealthy in any one of these areas listed above. Second, is the wealth of money, which is not the best thing to base success of off. Money is like knowledge, a tool that can help cultivate success in other areas.

It should not be the defining factor of one’s life purpose. Find your purpose and use your wealth to achieve that purpose.



These are all my thoughts and opinions, but I hope you were able to get a good view of success. Find your life’s purpose and then live it. That is true success. So my question is to you, what is success?
Best Regards,


What Is Success In Review:

  1. Impact
  2. Influence
  3. Creation
  4. Personal
  5. Relationships
  6. Fitness
  7. Knowledge
  8. Status
  9. Possessions
  10. Wealth
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