8 Reasons You’re NOT Successful

There are reasons you’re not successful. Use these eight points to identify what might be holding you back. Break through all indifference and realize how successful you truly can become!






1. Social Media Value

You are not adding social media value, in fact, you’re adding negative personas to social media. This can be part of the reasons you’re not successful. So what I mean by that is, I was scrolling through my Facebook today and I was getting irritated with seeing people who were trying to start arguments, who were trying to start political battles, just go through a few Facebook pages and all I saw were things against Trump and the Republicans, all I saw were things about Democrat and I just didn’t understand it.

So if the base part of being successful is adding value to people. Why is it that so many people try to tear others down? Of course, we know why it’s because they don’t feel great about themselves, so they want to get people to their level.

You know things like that.



When it comes to adding value to others, Bill Gates created Microsoft. Microsoft added a lot of value to millions. Tony Robbins creates a lot of seminars which add lots of value to others.

So we know that adding value equals success. So if that’s the case, you guys got to make sure that are adding value to where you might have the most influence which might be Facebook or Instagram or wherever you post. If all you’re doing is posting about political stuff against one side or you’re trying to start an argument against something it’s not adding value to anyone.

In fact, it’s hurting them, and it’s decreasing your credibility.

The biggest thing is that it’s wasting your time because all that does is hurt the other person or make the other person more against your view. It doesn’t change anything if you wanted to be a political activist sign a petition write to or your governor or your politician that represents you make your opinion heard but don’t do it on social media where it doesn’t have any impact.

So number one, you don’t have any social media value.


2. Content Consumption

78 percent of the rich and wealthy consume less than an hour of television a day. So I’m talking about content consumption right here. What I mean by that is you have to keep track about how much you consume because it’s easy to lose time. We don’t have much time. Time is the one thing that we can’t get more of. You could have a billion dollars but if you had a billion dollars you still can’t buy back time. So watch your time. A lot of time goes to content consumption. Again, watch your time that you have spent on watching movies or watching TV or YouTube videos. It’s so easy to get lost in a stream of YouTube videos. I know that I catch myself doing it often.

Stop yourself and get refocused back onto the task that you want to complete. If you’re watching three or four hours a day that’s OK. You can change that. Take an hour out of that three or four hours so you can still watch three hours would take an hour. Read a good book take an hour listening to an audio book take an hour to exercise and then down the road. You have an hour of reading a book or an hour of applying or an hour of an audio book. Take another moment and replace it with something else so maybe now you’re exercising and you’re listening to an audio book. So you’re taking two hours out of that four hours of watching TV. So you still watch and two hours of TV mind you, but you’re just taking more time and adding value to your life.



We all know that adding value is so so important. If you ever want to have an impact in someone else’s life or your own so increase the value to your life by taking some extra time that you waste. Sometimes a lot of occasions consuming content is a waste of time, but it’s necessary to give your brain a little relaxation. That’s why I about an hour days good. Take that time and add value to yourself grow yourself and you’ll see tremendous results. So number two of the reasons you’re not successful is you consume too much content in the wrong way consume the right content and the right amount of time and your life is going to change forever.

We all know that adding value is so so important. If you ever want to have an impact in someone else’s life or your own so increase the value to your life by taking some extra time that you waste. Most of the time-consuming content is a waste of time, but it’s necessary to give your brain a little relaxation. That’s why about an hour a day can be good. Take that time and add value to yourself grow yourself and you’ll see tremendous results.

Reasons you’re not successful, you consume too much content in the wrong way. Consume the right content and the right amount of time and your life is going to change forever.


3. Motivation

Number three on our list is motivation or lack thereof. One of the reasons why a lot of people are unsuccessful is because they feel unmotivated and uninspired. Now, this could be a lack of motivation. Your job, maybe you have a boss who always demeans you, who tells you you’re no good maybe you don’t feel fulfilled in your work and stuff like that that causes a lot of lack of motivation. Trust me I know that. But what you have to do is you have to combat that negative energy that you’re getting from wherever it is. You’ve got to fight that with positive energy because positivity will always overcome negativity.

You have to get going now and getting going is not this glamorous like oh I’m starting this and it’s going to be easy, it’s not it’s not guys. It takes some self-discipline, and it takes hard work and effort to get going. But once you get going you build this magical thing called momentum and energy which is awesome.

I want to give you guys this analogy real quick. Imagine two trains, one train moving at 100 miles an hour and the same train same weight same everything, but one’s not moving. The other one is dead on the track. So the one moving 100 miles an hour could crush through a brick wall if it wanted to and a to keep going. But the one that’s not going if you put steel blocks in front of all of its wheels and it tried even to move a little bit it’s not going to go anywhere. So, how is that possible that one train can cross through a brick wall and keep going without stopping. It takes self-discipline. But once they got going they could crush anything that came its way.

That’s it – momentum does get you motivated. So how that works in an actual example is start being positive. Start your day off with five things you’re thankful for. Start positively at the start of your day and keep going keep going and eventually you will get to that level of motivation where you can cross through any negativity that comes your way whether it’s a job or maybe you don’t feel successful maybe you have a problem with your kids whatever it may be.

Real positive motivation, keep positive momentum and keep going. Then that positivity and energy that you create with motivation will translate to any area of your life. You have a problem with your kids. Your children are going to notice the positive change in you, and they’re going to think it’s awesome I want that people around you will see that your boss will find that it will open up opportunities for promotions and so much more things in life. If you just stay positive and build positive momentum.


4. Body

Seventy-six percent of the wealthy exercise aerobically four days a week. I got that from Brandon Gaille. You guys have to take care of your body. It is very very important to do this because a healthy body will help you have a healthy mind, and it will skyrocket your productivity anywhere in work, in your personal life, and in business. Whatever you do it will help you. Trust me also, when you exercise you guys release dopamine in your brain. The thing that makes you feel happy, it makes you feel good. It’s scientifically proven that you feel better once you exercise and it also gives you more energy. I mean I could go on and on about the health benefits of exercise, but I’m just telling you guys to take care of your body and eat right. More often than you eat wrong.



Exercise more often than you sit around and watch tv.

You guys will see a rapid change in your life, and it doesn’t have to be all at once, in the book the compound effect it talks about how a lot of times life impact changes don’t happen by a mustard of courage or a mustard of just doing it. Life changes happen with small tiny actions taken every day, and we call those habits or rituals. Tony Robbins is a big believer in habits and routines.

So, you guys have got to take care of your body but do it by starting with little habits. Maybe you guys eat a horrible breakfast. You might o to Starbucks and get that sugary drink, whatever that unicorn Frappuccino is. Maybe you guys can just make your coffee at home and eat a healthy breakfast. Not only is it going to save you money but you’re going to feel a lot better in the long run. If you don’t feed your body with all that sugar.

Number four is to take care of your body. Taking care of your body will take care of your mind and will take care of really your future because it’s going to help you live longer too.


5. Indifference

Number five is indifferent or indifference. What that means is mediocrity. If you can settle for mediocrity, then I’m sorry my friend, but you will never be successful until you change that. You can’t settle for second best. In anything, if your work ethic is not 100 percent you need to work on that. The thing with indifference is it can be changed.

All it takes is a few habits to get going and then once you get going, like we talked about with motivation, once you get going your motivation and your momentum will build and that will help you conquer indifference. But if you guys settle for mediocrity you’ve got to realize number one, first and foremost, you have got to get to the higher level or else you won’t be successful. I’m assuming since you found his video you’re interested in successfulness, you’re interested in becoming successful, you’re interested in what’s holding you back.

A lot of people settle for mediocrity, but that doesn’t have to be you. It can be easily changed. I say easily because all it takes is a few habits a day. Now, it might be hard for you at first but eventually had it get easier. Tony Robbins said that if you want to change your life you have got to change your rituals. It’s as simple as that my friend. Work on changing your indifference and you will change your life.

Don’t settle for mediocrity because you’re worth so much more than that.


6. Neglect

Number Six in the reasons you’re not successful, is neglect. Now this one came from Jim rhône a long, long time ago. The leader of personal development. What he said about neglect is this.

You should walk around the block could walk around the block for good health but you don’t walk around the block for good health. Should call work, could call, don’t call.

I’m a complete believer in that as well. If you should do something like reading a book every day, you could do it. You have the physical ability to read, you can make time to read, but you don’t do it. You’re neglecting what you need to do to become more successful, to grow yourself to learn more.

You should work out, could work out, but don’t work out for good health. So if you guys face neglect, read the compound effect learn how habits can change your life. Start habits that defeat neglect. Should do. Do. Should Do. Do. I know you guys can do it!


7. Morning Routine

You have got to get a morning routine.

Now, this is something that Tony Robbins, Stefan James, and so many influencers on the Internet have talked about. You guys have got to get killer morning routine that gets you primed for your day.  Tt kickstarts your day into having the attitude, the feelings, the thoughts, the passion that will attach to the day. When Tony Robbins wants to go into the day, he does this. Feeling the day, not just going into it. I watched a movie recently called The Boss baby. It was a fun movie. They said something cool “if you don’t run the day the day is going to run you”.

Morning routines will run your day, and that’s going to increase your productivity, your efficiency, your happiness, your mood, and your relationship with your spouse because you will be happier going into the day. Don’t let the be one of the reasons you’re not successful.

Now I’m leaving a link to a man who influenced my life a lot. His name’s Stefan. He has a fabulous video about morning routines and morning rituals. Also, we’ve been linked to Tony Robbins stuff about morning routines to help you guys out with that.

=> Stefan’s Morning Routine

=> Tony Robbins Morning Routine

So I guess just to kind of round up this one I’ll just tell you what I do. So I’ll wake up I take a cold shower first thing in the morning after I say three things I’m thankful for, then, three things I want in my future. Then, I take my cold shower, I listen to music that inspires me or something to learn or something that will motivate me. Then, I move on, and I do a devotion with my girlfriend while I eat breakfast. I make breakfast just before that, right after my shower. Normally I do a protein shake with some milk, banana, peanut butter or some spinach sometimes stuff like that.


Get Started Now!




Always make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, and then I do my devotion, and then I do my affirmations. So I have my statements written up on my board. I look at it, and I say them every day with passion and emotion. Then, I go through my day and I plan what I want to accomplish during the day. I write down what I envision my day to be.

Of course, it’s going to be very different per each individual, but I’m telling you guys to get yourself a morning routine. It will change your life. And again, like the compound effect says, it’s not about now. Effort it’s about doing things consistently over time. That will get the result that you want.


8. Satisfaction

This last reason is something that I’m pretty passionate about. It’s what a lot of personal development leaders are passionate about, and that is satisfaction. If you don’t feel satisfied, you are losing in life. Let me go into detail.

So. Do you feel satisfied with what you do?

This is in everything, not just your job not just in your body. Everything has a level of satisfaction in progress. If you don’t feel satisfied, you’re probably not making advances in a particular area where you’re not being allowed to make progress. Maybe you are in a job, and they don’t listen to anything that you have to say. They might be great ideas. They say I’m the boss you’re going to do it this way. Or nothing. That is a poor job. It makes you have a feeling of unsatisfaction because you can’t progress, you can’t grow and you can’t change. You guys have got to make a difference that feels satisfactory. So say you’re not satisfied with the way that your body is – going to go clean up neglect.

Should walk around the block, could walk around the block, don’t walk around the block for good health.

If you feel unsatisfied you can either go into a deeper state of unsatisfaction and even depression. You can sit around watching TV or consuming major amounts of content to escape from your feeling of unsatisfaction. You could though, go out and try to change your life, go and find ways to get healthy, eat healthily, be healthy, live healthily. have got to clean it up unsatisfaction in your life you can’t settle for indifference. You have to clean up neglect. You have to stop consuming content. Escape from your pain. You have to go you got to start going to things to avoid, stop going to alcohol to drugs. Surfing the internet, so many things are used as an escape for this one thing right here is unsatisfaction.

Identify why and where you guys feel unsatisfied with your lot identify it find it and then know how to fix it. If it’s something, you’re dissatisfied with your body like you were talking about again. Body right over here. If you feel unsatisfied with your body.

You have got to clean it up unsatisfaction in your life you can’t settle for indifference. Clean up neglect. Stop consuming content. Escape from your pain. You have to go, stop going to alcohol or drugs. Surfing the internet, so many things are used as an escape for this one thing right here – is unsatisfaction. Identify why and where you feel unsatisfied with your life. Identify it, find it, and then know how to fix it.

Get the habits, get the rituals to start changing your life. Don’t let yourself fall into unsatisfaction, if you feel unsatisfied with your intelligence meaning you want to know more. Buy a book. Don’t go out and watch for 5 hours of TV. Purchase a book related to something that you’re interested in and something that will make you feel satisfied with learning. Find what you feel unsatisfied about. Find out how to fix it, which is usually the opposite of what you feel dissatisfied with and then just do it.

Do it once, do it once.

Then once you do it once do it again.

Then once you do it again do it again and keep doing it until you form a habit.



Working out and eat right. I was two hundred and thirty-five pounds. A few years ago I knew what it feels like to be unsatisfied with your body. I know what it feels like. It sucks to get going but once you get going you will get momentum. I workout every morning now and I love it. Zig Ziglar said running to lose weight sucked, but he stated that he realized that he was not paying the price for it anymore. Once he fell in love with it, he said, “I don’t pay the price for good health. I thoroughly enjoy it.” Once it became a habit and a ritual and a routine that he fell in love with it. So you guys just get going.

This is my plea to you, just keep going! Don’t settle for unsatisfaction in your life. Get going. Do something. Build those habits by the compound effect and realize how habits change your life. Get your habits down and get your rituals down there and you will thrive. Don’t let the be reasons you’re not successful, just make it happen!



8 Reasons You’re NOT Successful:

  1. Social Media Value
  2. Content Consumption
  3. Motivation
  4. Body
  5. Indifference
  6. Neglect
  7. Morning Routine
  8. Satisfaction
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