5 Must-Do Steps To Raise Your Capacity

How do you raise your capacity as a leader? As a motivator? And as an influencer?

A year ago I went to a seminar, and they talked about capacity. I was confused about it. They kept saying raise your capacity, raise your capacity.

What is capacity, and how can you raise your capacity?

Capacity is the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.

It means that you raise your ability to understand or to experience or to do more. What’s key about this is when you can do that, when you raise your capacity, you can make what used to be hard easy, and you can make what’s easy thoughtless. You can just do it without thinking. Once you raise your capacity to a higher level everything else in your life will fall into place.

Here are five easy steps that you can do today that will help you raise your capacity:




1. Challenge Your Comfort Zone

The first step to raising your capacity is to challenge your comfort zone.

We all get comfortable with things; I get comfortable with things, you get comfortable with things. We all get comfortable, but we have to challenge our comfort.

The gym is a great example of how you can challenge your comfort zone. If you’re working on becoming better, you’re not doing the same weight, you’re doing something that you’ve never done before. If you don’t lift heavier weight if I always did 10 pounds every time I did the bench press I’m never going to be able to get to 225 pounds. Instead, if I did 10lb and then the next week I did 25lb and then next week I was able to do 35lb, then you can see I’m always challenging myself. Or if you’re doing 10 pounds and instead of doing five reps like you did last week, you then do 10 reps and then the next week you do 20, you’re always challenging what is comfortable to you.



If you’re not challenging yourself you’re not going to be growing, and you’re not going to be improving, and that’s not going to be raising your capacity. So make sure you guys always challenge yourself and step out of the things that you’re comfortable with.

If you’re single and you want to find a significant other, challenge yourself, try to get a new person’s number every day in a week.

Over time the thing that doesn’t seem comfortable will become comfortable, and then you can always keep improving and progressing from there.


2.Think Big

There’s a book that impacted my life significantly; it’s called the Magic of Thinking Big. The Magic of Thinking Big talked a lot about just that; the magic is thinking big. The bigger you think, the more you can accomplish.

If you want to be successful, be a successful entrepreneur, or if you want to have a good physique, if you want to be strong, if you want to have a great relationship, if you want to raise successful kids; you have to think about how big it can become.

You’re not starting a business saying I want to make $10 a month. No, you’re starting it by saying, I want to make $10,000 month. Think to even $50-100,000 a month. The bigger your dreams are, the more likely they will come true.

Do you want to get stronger? To do a powerlifting? Is your strength goal to max out at a 405 pounds squat? Think bigger, imagine doing 5 or 6 45lb plates instead of just 4, don’t settle. Maybe you’re a physique competitor; you should say I want to be at 5 % body fat instead of 6%.

Always think bigger than what you feel like you can accomplish. You have to think as big as possible and then set your goals along that path.



3. Constant Student

Be a constant student.

CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor says you have to learn to earn. Now he is a billionaire, and he’s saying that you learn something new every day. I think it wise to take his advice.

If you are not doing that today or yesterday and didn’t do it a year ago, don’t worry because you can start today and it doesn’t have to be a book. You don’t have to go out and spend money on knowledge. Go to YouTube. Listen to a podcast, listen to Warren Buffett on a podcast, but you guys have to be learning something new every single day.

We define capacity as understanding. If you want to gain more understanding, you have to be a constant student. Raising your capacity has to be done by being a faithful student. Go to google and just type in something that you’re curious about, do that on YouTube. That new thing will lead to another new thing, and that other new thing leads to another new thing. Soon enough you’re going to be learning so much you are not going to know what to do with all the knowledge. But you’re going to be learning and then you can apply that to every area of your life.


4. Daily Growth Habits

If you go from reading nothing today to reading 100 pages tomorrow, you’re going to get burnt out real quick. Part of raising your capacity is progression.

It’s all progression.

You’re not going to start off benching 225 pounds. You’ve got to start off and work your way up. So if it’s reading, for example, take a book read it 15 minutes a day for two weeks every single day. Be consistent, track it and then after those two weeks then go to 30 minutes and then do that for an extended period.



Same with working out and training. Start off that 10 pound weight. It may be hard but just do it. Then when you can, do the 15lb and then 25lb and then 35lb and then 45lb. Keep working up, be consistent and know that it takes time to raise your capacity.

It’s not going to happen overnight.

Going to go from benching 135lb to 225lb by tomorrow is not possible. Go from 135lb to maybe 140lb and add one more rep in there. So if you get to 135 for five reps do 140 for six. Give it a shot. However, if you can’t do that weight remember it’s OK because you’re still working on it and growing.

You have got to start somewhere.

Start at an attainable level so you can work up to your big picture.



Now when you’re trying to raise your capacity, you have got to know where you’re going. Vision is critical because if you don’t have a vision, you will be lost, you won’t know what to think but about, and you won’t know where you are going.

Set goals and your daily growth habits around your vision.

So your vision is to be intellectually smart. Then, set a goal for reading. Maybe you want to be a world famous powerlifter, for example, set that as your vision and then set your goals and your workout routine around that vision. Have to have a vision for what it would look like to be a world famous powerlifter. You have to have a vision of what it would be like going into a competition, what it would be like to lift that kind of weight.

Once you have a vision, go back to number four. Instill the daily habits to reach that vision.

Set goals and habits around that vision.


Remember capacity has to start off small but once you keep growing and once you stay consistent you’ll achieve amazing things. Use these 5 steps to raise your capacity dramatically. Success will skyrocket once these steps are applied.

5 Steps To Raise Your Capacity:

  1. Challenge Your Comfort Zone
  2. Think Big
  3. Be A Constant Student
  4. Daily Growth Habits
  5. Vision
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