3 Reasons You Need To LOVE The Process

Love the process, do you love it or do you just want the results? Let me tell you why it’s critical to love the process in order to get the result that you want.



Here are three reasons why you should love the process:


1. Life Is A Process

Most of your life is going to be spent living in the process.

When you go through a process, you ideally want a result. But the thing is most of your life is going to be spent in the process. A result only happens for a second.

For example, you want to buy a new car, and that’s been a lifelong dream and ambition of yours. So, you work towards it, but it only takes one second to get the result that you’ve always desired which is buying the new car.



Make sure that you love the process. Gary Vee always says the process of working towards buying the Jets is more desirable than buying the Jets themselves. Ultimately, it’s all about the process, because the process is where you grow and shape yourself. There’s no problem with having a result and desiring a result, but make sure you love the process too because if you love the process, you’re going to enjoy the result a lot more.


2. Character and Drive

When you endure through the process of working towards a result or outcome; it shows your character and drives. A lot of people give up when they’re trying to do something. It could be starting a business, or it could be health and fitness. Maybe it is reading or schooling.

People desire the results, but not a lot of individuals get it. It could be because of the persistence required, the struggle ‘s too big or just a lack of patients. They might not see results, and because they don’t see results right then and there, they give up even though they’re so close.

I was reading a story from the book Think and Grow Rich. In Think and Grow Rich, these gold miners were digging for gold. They found a vein and then they lost it. They tried and tried and tried to locate the thread again, but what ended up happening was they gave up. So, they sold their equipment. The person that they sold their stuff to was a little bit smarter than they were, however. He hired someone to find the vein with more knowledge than he had. The original gold miners gave up only three feet away from where the vein of gold was.



It’s been proven that when you give up, you’re very, very close to success. Most just can’t seem to breach that last little bit that it takes because they don’t think it will work. They don’t believe that what they’re doing is enough.

When your character comes through it’ll be in the process, it’s not going to be the result. It takes persistence, strength, and courage to get the outcome. Others might look down upon you for staying with something for so long without any result. Ultimately, it is a process that requires time to complete. Sticking with it while you might not be getting any results is the key because eventually, you will get the result you want.

Working towards your goals or your desires shows how much you want it, and what kind of character you have to stick with it. Stay strong and be positive.


3. Push vs. Pull

Tony Robins says that there are two kinds of motivation. The first kind of primary motivation is pushing and the second kind is pulled. Push is something that you force yourself to do. Though push doesn’t last for a very long time. Eventually, you will have to give out. If you want to accomplish anything you have to be in a state of motivation or a state of “pull.” That’s where you don’t feel like you’re pushing yourself because your being pulled by it. You’re being mesmerized by it. It is drawing you in.

Let me give you an example.



When I first started working out, I desired to lose about 60 pounds – I was dramatically overweight. It was a push; I had to eat right. I had to go to the gym. Except, I hated it, but now just a few years later I love going to the gym. I do it first thing in the morning because that’s one of the best parts of my day. I now love listening to music while weight lifting and working out. The feeling the sweat running down my face mesmerizes me.

So, ultimately, you must get to that level of pull, where you desire the outcome but you also fall in love with it. You’re mesmerized by it. You become mesmerized by the process. Going back to Gary Vaynerchuk desiring to buy the jets, he loves the process of getting to buy the Jets more than he will buy them.

If you don’t get to that level of pull, you’re going to get burnt out, and you’re not going to be able to push yourself anymore. However, it is necessary to have a certain amount of push to get to the pull. Imagen pushing a boulder up a mountain, you have to push the boulder up to the top of the mountain, but then once you get to the top all you have to do is push the boulder over, and it’s going to start rolling – that is the pull.

Get to the top of the mountain and then let the momentum and motivation pull you from there.


Love The Process:

1. Life Is A Process
2. Character and Drive
3.Push vs. Pull

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