4 Steps to a Goal Mindset

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Why are goals significant to the foundation of our personal growth?

Goals set the tone and behavior for our lives, they are fundamental. Without goals, it is difficult to establish a strong foundation for personal growth and relationships around us.

A building without a foundation will not stand and eventually will fall. That analogy is the best way to picture in your mind why setting goals are so crucial. If you build a strong mind for setting goals, the walls to your building of success will sustain for a lifetime. Furthermore, you must ask yourself these rhetorical question: everyone wants to be successful, but is everyone willing to work for success? Are people willing to set themselves up for success? The answer to why goals are so significant is, your life has a purpose, and you were meant to use your talents in order to serve others, and it is then you will be a success. Therefore, build your foundation to set goals now, so you can start building strong walls of success in your life.


4 steps to a goal mindset:


1. Write you Goals

Step one: Write what you value most in life. By writing down what’s most important to you, this will help narrow down what you want to accomplish most in your lifetime. Writing your goals is also another great way to not forget them. Have you ever set your mind to achieving a task every day like drinking water in the morning when you get up? Then, one day you’re rushing and completely forget to drink water? Then fell out of the habit of drinking water? Well if you’re anything close to a human being then this is likely to happen. Therefore, take the initiative to not only write what you want to achieve but put a reminder of your goal in a place you will look at every day. ie your bathroom mirror, the top of your ceiling in your bedroom or your drawer. 


2. Set them according to your values

Step two: Decide what you want to accomplish and work towards, and set your goals according to what you value. Whether it be a long term goal or a short term goal, consider the categories that will help optimize your decision making. By brainstorming and writing down categories that represent what you value most in life, the simple act of brainstorming, and the power of writing down your values will help you to focus on what you want to accomplish. For example, if your values are faith, relationships, and leadership then you will not only set your goals according to these categories, you will also ask yourself questions like the following…

Faith- Am I with God and can I create a stronger relationship with him?

Relationships- Do I spend time with my family? Do I invest the needed amount of time into them, to show my love for them?

Leadership– Do I serve others? Do I invest time into my personal growth at least 5 days a week?

Once you have answered these types of questions, adjust them accordingly to make sure their in align with your vision and that your actions match your behavior or goals you want to achieve.



3. Are they SMART?

Step three: Distinguish whether the goal you want to set is SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound). A goal needs to be specific in order to clearly understand what it is you want to achieve. Next. your goal has to be measurable, to determine if your goal is measurable reflect on your goal and ask yourself,  is my goal long term or short term? Then ask, is my goal attainable?  Is your goal attainable? Next, is your goal relevant? Think to yourself “ If my goal is relevant, then are my goals aligned with my values?” And lastly, your goal has to be time-bound. You must maintain your goal in a continuous process daily.



Step Four: Commit. Step four is powerful, step four is one word, but a word that determines whether you pass or fail your goals. In order to have a goal you must commit, if you fail to invest time into reaching your goals it will fail, just like anything in life, time is crucial to receiving results.



4 Steps to a GOAL MINDSET:

  1. Write Your Goals
  2. Set Them According To Your Values
  3. Are They SMART?
  4. Commit
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