Entitlement Mentality: Entitled vs. Empowered

An entitlement mentality can be the downfall of all success and ambition within an individual. Some signs show when someone is entitled, and therefore they can be corrected. Success begins by changing thoughts and actions.



The United States has a growing issue of entitlement.


The Declaration of Independence says “…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


All in America have the right of to live without oppression from a tyrannical government and the PURSUIT of happiness. Not the right to happiness. Here are five major issues that emerge when entitlement meets empowerment.


entitlement mentality


The Right

An entitlement mindset creates a sense of having a right to a thought, item, or action. We do have rights, many of them at that, but we don’t have the right to a big house, nice car, or world travels. The right to having a relationship with another human is not even ours. However, we do have the right to work toward those things, which means we have a right to pursue and work. Hard work creates results, not a right.

Entitlement Mentality: Everone deserves a six-figure income. In fact, most underpaid workers work more hours at the job then the CEO does!

Empowerment Mentality: How can I create a six figure income for myself and my family. At this point, work needs to be put in to obtain accomplishment. It won’t just be handed over.


Unfair Advantage

To most suburban communities, pure grunt work is all but foreign. Those who have endured grueling work and have done it repetitively, have an unfair advantage. Work ethic, especially a strategic work ethic, is the single biggest variable of results. Empowerment comes from getting the skills required to succeed, as a nation we need to change the perspective of work. Ultimately work has to be loved, pursued, and endured.

Entitlement Mentality: “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough to not quit” Goerge Carlin

Empowerment Mentality: The larger the effort, the better the reward. As a result of work, there will be a feeling of confidence and accomplishment.


Mental Toughness

The ability to endure hardship is a proven must in life. As we know adversity leads to strength, and strength leads to triumph. Mental toughness is the beginnings of discipline, and discipline is required to fall in love with work. Jim Rohn says it best, “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”

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Entitlement Mentality: Shutdown occurs when any obstacle reveals itself. For this reason, most progress stops and regression happens.

Empowerment Mentality: When rough times come, that is when victory can occur. Above all, growth is what abounds during a struggle.


Deserve Happiness

Given that we have the right to pursue happiness does not mean that we deserve happiness. Furthermore, most entitled individuals believe that to obtain happiness they must be given or get something. These people need more money to be happy, require more sleep, need a better career or car. An empowered individual can create happiness with what they have.

Entitlement Mentality: If a new car appeared in the driveway, happiness would surely follow. Strangely enough, this feeling only last for a short while.

Empowerment Mentality: The sky, the weather, the creatures, the people, are all somehow perfect in their unique way. There is something beautiful in everything.


Microwave Society

How often do you use the microwave? For most that answer is most likely going to be every day. We as a society with the advancement of the internet, fast food, and things alike, end up getting complacent with the idea that if we want something, it should happen instantly. This cause the things that take the time to obtain, seem nearly unreachable for those who feel entitled to it. Understand that the great things in life take consistent action and the patients of enduring hardship.

Entitlement Mentality: One workout and how healthy meal later. Where is my newly shaped body? Of course, no one’s physique could change in one workout, though that is what most think to be true,

Empowerment Mentality: The best things in life often take the longest to cultivate, but also can be enjoyed the longest as well.

If the feeling of entitlement emerges, how can that mindset change?


Entitlement Mentality in Review:

  1. Everything is a right.
  2. Hard work is a last resort.
  3. All challenge should be feared.
  4. Happiness can not be created.
  5. Results need to be instant.
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