6 Relationship Must-Haves: The Secret to Happiness

Warning: These relationship must-haves are for those seeking to deepen their relationship further.


Have you ever been drawn to someone you weren’t attracted to? Who lacked understanding of the individual that you are?


I think not.


These six must-haves are vital, to understand the investments necessary to put forth in a relationship. When your relationship becomes deeper, you start learning more about each other and yourself.


Here are the six important relationship must-haves to consider in your relationship:


1. Cleanliness and Orderliness:

If one person is neat and organized, and the other is a slob, it can become hard for both sides to come to an agreement. Cleanliness and organization are aspects you want to pay attention to and discuss with your partner. Part of a healthy relationship is being able to meet each other’s needs on both sides.


Relationship Goals


2. Timeliness and Punctuality:

Couples who are incompatible, often struggle with timing. Typically partner one is upset because they’re always on time and, partner 2 is notorious for being late and off schedule. This situation leads to frustration on both sides. If you and your partner are willing to work with each other’s needs, then creating a game plan to fix these frustrations is dire. Furthermore, I strongly suggested that you and your partner sit down and write what’s important to each other. Come up with ways to work through these situations. One way to avoid conflict with timing is by writing down your priorities and tasks. Writing down your priorities will help in feeling more efficient and accomplished. For this reason, once the “have to’s” are out of the way, it’s easier to relax and enjoy spending time together. Then, plan events both you and your partner can do together.


3. Money:

In the best interest of your relationship and, future financial goals talk about money management. This topic is typical in couples who have been together for awhile, but it’s also necessary for new relationships.



4. Life Priorities:

Typically, there’s a lot less conflict when your life priorities are similar to your partners. Here’s why someone who is compatible with your priorities will understand you more. A partner who understands what you value will be able to adjust to your preferences with a clearer understanding. Whether it’s fitness goals; financial goals, or just learning and growing yourself more, your life partner will thrive along with you as long as your values are similar if not the same. Ultimately they will want to continue to encourage you no matter what your desires may be.


5. Spirituality and Religion:

Spirituality and religion are must-haves in a relationship because spirituality and religion help guide your beliefs and values. Although some couples have different religious beliefs and separate values, the relationship is immensely difficult to understand each other. It’s always better to grow in a relationship with an individual whose beliefs are in line with your own.


6. Time for each other:

Life can be a rat race, from jobs to kids, to paying bills, fitness, and school. That’s why making time for each other is so crucial. Ask yourself why do I do what I do? Why do I wake up in the morning? Your answer could be your kids, but ultimately you’re reading this blog because you want to grow. You’re also probably seeking to thrive in the relationship you’re in now. So the assumption would be, you live this life because you love your significant other. Therefore, stop and remember that reflecting; talking, and laughing are all important relationship must-haves. I suggest making one day out of the week for each other. You don’t have to do anything extravagant because being in each other’s presence will bring warmth and love to your hearts.


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6 Relationship Must-Haves:

  1. Cleanliness and Orderliness
  2. Timeliness and Punctuality
  3. Money
  4. Life Priorities
  5. Spirituality and Religion
  6. Time for each other
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